Standards reduce inflammation achieve flat belly
Standards reduce inflammation achieve flat belly

Having a flat belly is the desire of many. But the truth is that it is not an unattainable dream. An active life, a balanced diet and the regular practice of physical exercise can bring the results you expect and many more. If your problem is that, despite being in your weight, you notice inflammation in the abdomen, you may want to follow some guidelines. Pay attention!

We all know the need to carry out a balanced diet and healthy habits. These are the fundamental pillars to enjoy good health and an ideal physical. However, there are those who feel that, even when they are in the weight and physical condition that corresponds to them, they have a swollen belly. If this is your case, pay attention to some aspects that you must take into account to remedy this problem.

4 Rules to reduce inflammation and achieve a flat stomach

1. Hydration at bay

Although we have the feeling that by drinking a lot of water the abdomen swells more, it is essential that you hydrate well to promote intestinal transit and reduce fluid retention. Drinking enough water during the day is very important so that our body can function and release toxins. If you have a hard time with the bottle of water all day, opt for infusions.

2. Eat leisurely

There are people who eat as if they were in a race. You must take the time of the meal for what it is, a moment in which to feed your body, without haste, in a conscious way. Chewing food and crushing well, will help prevent the accumulation of gas in the stomach and promote good feeling in your belly. Also, it will be easier to notice when you are satisfied and you will eat because of hunger, not anxiety. Likewise, chewing well facilitates the subsequent process of digestion of food.

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3. Eat fiber

Choose whole grains and fruit in your breakfasts. A supply of fiber at the beginning of the day favors intestinal transit and helps achieve a flat stomach, free from the annoying sensation of inflammation.

4. Get active

Try not to stay in the same position for a long time. Whether sitting or standing, your body needs to move. An active body favors active digestion and optimal intestinal transit.


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