Death during sex
Beware of extreme sex that can lead to death.

Sexual curiosity begins innocently and is always increasing, therefore, the couple who decides to explore their sexuality outside the limits of the ordinary must do so with the greatest possible responsibility, because if it can not have fatal consequences.

Many of the practices that you will see below have been popularized in magazines, the Internet, commercial cinema and pornography. But even though they seem very exciting remember that they can be deadly.

1Erotic hangover / Hypoxyphilia / asphyphilia

Some consider it a sexual game and others a high-risk sexual practice. Seen in many tapes like the Japanese “The empire of the senses” of Nagisha Oshima, this filia sews on feeling pleasure and sexual excitement when hanging a person or being hanged.

2Vampirism / Hematolagnia

The object of sexual satisfaction is the blood drunk directly from the person, extracted with needles, or maintain sex during menstruation. It is highly risky and it has been seen in different films like Hostel II by Eli Roth and Excision by Richard Bates Jr.

Image result for excision gif
Image result for excision gif


It may seem unlikely, but the truth is that there are people who get excited and even try to have sex with your car. In the 2013 film, The Counselor you can see a scene of this practice.

The Counselor GIF
The Counselor GIF

4Electrophily or electric shock

Stimulating the couple’s nipples or genitals with small electric shocks is not very strange. Even many sex shops sell the necessary implements to practice it. However, doing so with household objects can be too dangerous because the voltage level can not be regulated. There are registered cases of people who have died from this practice.

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juice GIF
juice GIF

There are many other filias that can produce serious infections such as coprophilia, that is, sex using or eating feces. Or the increasingly common cases of introduction into the vagina or anus of objects, vegetables or even hands and arms; that cause tears and perforations. Sex is fun if it is practiced with safety and responsibility. That’s why we recommend you to be careful if you experiment.

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