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4 poses to make your partner enjoy against the wall

Perhaps the idea of ​​doing it standing against the wall, seems difficult ("we are not of the same height", "I have to put on tiptoe", "I have to bend down a lot"). Let none of this allow you to experiment, because sex is more fun and enjoyable if you explore and try new things.

Make Your Partner Enjoy
Make Your Partner Enjoy

Due to this, we present you with four poses that you can start to practice now with your partner.

1. Support your body against the door or wall. In this way, if you are a man, reloading back the wall serves as a point of support and gives you stability to let your partner load or load you to her.

2. If you stand on the edge of a tall piece of furniture and your partner stands in front of you, you can elevate your thighs. Do not lean on the furniture, because the depth changes. It is more intense if you stay straight in front of him.

3. If you stand and your partner kneels in front of you can give you a good oral sex session.

4. Now stand in front of the wall and let your partner enter from behind. It is a different experience.


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