Excite a man before having sex
Excite a man before having sex

1. Wear a red garment and / or red lipstick

This color does not fail. Just as it works as a warning of “danger” or warning, red will attract the attention of any man sexually.

2. Go for a sexy dance

Leave shyness aside, believe it and use your full potential to draw your partner’s attention and increase your libido. Use a sexy song as an ally and just let yourself go!

3. Do not wear underwear (and let him know)

Nothing more exciting for a man than finding out that he will have an easy and quick access to the most erogenous zones of your body… Tell him and check his reaction!

4. Attack your weak point

No laps. Kiss him in the neck, in the mouth, in the ear… where you like the most. Generate those chills that make you can not think of anything else!

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