Kylie Jenner beautiful nails
Kylie Jenner beautiful nails

It is not enough to paint our nails with our favorite colors so that they look nice, they require some care so that they also stay healthy.

Here we leave you some care that your nails need to be nice and healthy:

Strengthen them

if your nails are brittle and you can not let them grow because they break easily, you need a treatment that strengthens them progressively.


have you noticed that your nails are divided in two? or even if they are peeled by pieces or have small streaks, the nails are not healthy and you urgently need protein.

Pay attention to the cuticles

if you have ever done a manicure, you will notice that they remove excess cuticles on your hands and feel an incredible relief, well you do not need to go to a salon to feel like this, you can exfoliate the cuticles when you need it

Avoid yellow spots

Surely it has happened to you to remove a glaze notes that your nails were yellow, protect them from any enamel before applying a transparent enamel base.

They are small actions that will make your nails look super cute and healthy, do not hesitate to put them into practice!

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