Google I/O
Google I/O

The Google I / O is one of the most important events of the year, not only for Google and Android, but also for the world of technology. The Mountain View company takes the opportunity to show us all the news of their projects and what their technological vision is for the coming years. We are facing a gigantic company and its influence reaches all types of sectors.

Here you have a summary of the most important Google I / O 2018, a review of all the news that have been showing and a list of projects that are already with us or will come during the next months. From the new Android P version to Google Assistant, through Google Maps, Auto, Android TV and developer tools. This is all that Google I / O 2018 has left us.

1Gesture navigation comes to Android P

We are already testing the new beta of Android P and one of the most important news is that it arrives with new gestures to access a renewed multitasking. When we scroll up we will go either to multitasking or if we make it longer to the application drawer. The home button on the other hand is slidable and will allow us to move from one app to another quickly.

2The Android P Beta program reaches other brands

Google has surprised us with Project Treble and is that the beta of Android P is also available in up to seven different manufacturers. That is, not only if we have a Google Pixel we can install the latest beta of Android P, are also compatible devices such as Nokia 8, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Sony Xperia XZ2 or the Essential Phone.

3Deepmind and adaptive battery

One of the novelties of Android P is the battery and the daptive brightness. Google will understand which applications we use more and which ones less and will adjust to it. It is a project that starts from the work of Deepmind and has been integrated into the latest version of Android.

4Digital Wellbeing

Another novelty of Android P is a parental control system for adults. What does it consist of? Basically it is an attempt to disconnect from the mobile. Among the initiatives we have a control panel with the use we make of each mobile, how many notifications we have answered and more details so that we are aware.

6Dynamic memory management

With Android App Bundle developers can create specific versions for each user without having a huge list of different APKs. A solution to control the memory and space occupied by applications in a modular way, in which we will only have to install those packages that we want.

7Google News 5.0: enhanced with artificial intelligence

The Google news service is renewed thanks to the AI. The design adopts the new Material Design lines, we have a personalized feed, access to magazines, contextual information and the possibility of subscribing directly to newspapers that have a payment wall.

8Morse code on the Google Board

Google takes the accessibility of technology as a key part of its strategy. A novelty that was much applauded during the conference is the update of Google Board with Morse code. It is already available in the beta version.

9Lookout and more accessibility news

Technology for all. Among other news, Google has announced an application that will arrive mid-year. It is called Lookout and will allow through the mobile camera and thanks to artificial intelligence, help the blind to know what they have around them.

10Google Duplex: the Google assistant calling for us

11Google Home will arrive in Spain and Mexico

Silently, Google has announced that Assistant and Google Home will arrive in Spain and Mexico during 2018. It will be available in more than 30 languages ​​by the end of the year and will also reach the Spanish-speaking markets in Korea, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Denmark

12Pretty Please

A curiosity of Google Assistant is the incorporation of what they call ‘Pretty Please’. In case we have a Family account and we are talking to the Home Mini, if we ask you please, we will receive a response of thanks from the Google assistant.

13Ticket management

Google Assistant will allow us through the voice to reserve a movie at the cinema. We can also save our airline tickets on Google systems. To date we did not have an official application to carry out these procedures, but soon Google will be able to carry out the entire process.

15Google Photos is able to edit for you

Google Photos will receive news soon that will allow us to give a new look to those photos that we thought were forgotten. Thanks to artificial intelligence will be able to color an image. We will be attentive to see when this update arrives.

16Google Photos Program

Another novelty of Google Photos is the new API in which other applications can add support for the photo application. Find what is in the photo, when it was made and other data associated with the application.

17Google Assistant on screens and new formats

In addition to the JBL Link Bar, Google Assistant will be available from this summer on larger screens. We will not only interact with the voice or from the mobile, but we will have devices such as the Lenovo Smart Display where we can see and read the messages of the Assistant.

18ARCore for Instant Apps

With ARCore we also have news. The augmented reality will allow us to preview our purchases in augmented reality. An addition that other brands like Amazon already allowed and where Google is catching up.

19Smart compose from Gmail

Gmail recently received the new design and in this Google I / O we are informed of the arrival of ‘Smart Compose’, basically text suggestions with which we can write our emails. Gmail will analyze what we usually write and will recommend us thanks to the following phrases.

20A more social Google Maps

During the Google I / O 2018 we have seen the new design that will come to Google Maps. An excellent tool where algorithms will be improved to offer better indications and discover sites more easily. It will also enhance the stay with other users in the area and form a group to stay in a restaurant.

21Indications in augmented reality

Among other new features of Maps we will have indications in augmented reality. It is an improvement over Street View. We will simply walk and we will be able to see a combination of directional arrows and what we have in front of us.

22Google Lens is integrated into the camera

Google Lens is another tool that has received improvements. We finally have integration directly with the camera and not only in Google Photos. Text selection has been improved and will help us buy clothes.

24ML Kit

The Google I / O 2018 is an event designed for developers and nothing better than a good SDK. This year we welcome the ML Kit for Firebase, which works with both Android and iOS.

25Android Studio 3.2

A new Google I / O would not be such if there is no update in the development environment. These days the canary version of Android Studio 3.2 arrives. We have compatibility with the new modular applications, refactoring in AndroidX, support for the new Slices and more news to easily apply the new tools.

26Android Jetpack

Another tool for developers is Jetpack, a set of components and libraries that will facilitate the creation of applications. A whole project with which Google wants to enhance Android programming.

27Dark Mode on Android P and Material Design

It had already been leaked and the action map of Material Design leaves no room for doubt. For October-November, time of the final version of Android, we would have ready a version of Material Design with dark mode. A much awaited modification especially due to the rise of OLED screens.

28Silenced notifications on YouTube

Google knows that many notifications can be somewhat annoying, for that there are no-bother modes. However, the applications themselves also have their own system to mute the sounds. Now YouTube is updated with a novelty that allows us not to receive notifications between one hour and another, usually at night but configurable to our liking.

29Waymo and Android Auto

The CEO of Waymo, a company within Alphabet specializing in autonomous cars, made an appearance during the conference to talk about the challenges of taking the car to the road and to work alone. On Android Auto we already saw several new features such as templates, improved search and messages to groups.

30ADT-2, the new device with Android TV

A new Chromecast was expected, but finally we have the ADT-2. It is an HDMI dongle with Android TV integrated but will not be sold to the public, as it is intended to be a reference device for developers.

31Material Theming

Material Theming is the evolution of Material Design. It is an initiative to solve the main problem of Google design. They are aware that all applications are similar and with Theming they offer tools to try to transmit their own brand through Google’s design. We have light colors, more space, more presence of the lower bar, Product Sans typography and everything seems more profiled. We will see if they can give a new look to Android with all the applications that opt ​​for this design.

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