False Diet Myths
False Diet Myths

We are at a time when physical appearance is the concern of many. A large number of people work their bodies and feed for the benefit of a worked and healthy aesthetic. However, there are some myths about diets, which could be assuming a rock on the way.

Eating correctly is essential to be healthy and enjoy an active life. Likewise, exercise is another of the key pillars to achieve health and aesthetic objectives. However, we are at a time when, without adequate knowledge, we may be letting ourselves be carried away by some myths that we must keep in mind.

3 False myths about diets

Popular wisdom is plagued by misconceptions about proper nutrition and the perfect diet. For starters, there is no perfect food. Yes there are many nutritional properties or very beneficial, but anything in abuse can be counterproductive. Second, the term diet should be revised as to its meaning And it is that a diet to achieve the physical objectives that we pursue, means to eat in a healthy, correct and varied way. The continual restrictions and miraculous eating plans do not offer lasting results over time, nor are they always optimal for health.

1. Fat is bad

Fat and cholesterol are needed in a certain amount. They contribute to the formation of hormones and are components of the membranes of cells. What is not advisable is to consume them in excess for their calorie content. We must distinguish between trans fats , of industrial origin; the saturated from animal products; and the healthiest of plant origin.

2. You must not drink during meals

You can drink water during meals except for those people who suffer a problem that hinders digestion. The water does not contain calories and, in benefit, increases the feeling of satiety.

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3. Skipping a meal thins

This is a bad habit that hurts a lot in this type of weight loss diets. You must make the number of meals recommended by the nutrition professional, in order to burn body fat deposits correctly. Generally they are five meals, depending on the objective. Skipping meals can also cause food anxiety to increase.

The best you can do is follow a varied, balanced and healthy diet plan. Also, exercise daily and carry out an active lifestyle. The healthy habits are those that will bring you good health, they will make you enjoy your routine and, consequently, they will increase your self-esteem and the way you have to see yourself will improve. Remember that there are no tricks, only discipline and perseverance.

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