It seems that it is practically impossible to surprise a modern person. But, in reality, there are a lot of amazing things in the world that nobody suspects. For example, the air purifiers in the works of China, a wardrobe that moves by itself, reflective lights for horses and the skin of a real dinosaur. Sometimes, something surprising can be found in an immediate proximity to you, you just have to look carefully. found for you 26 extraordinary things that are definitely worth seeing with your own eyes.

1This is something you do not see every day

Rare Scenes

2The light that enters through the prismatic film of the window creates a fantastic effect

The movie as such looks like this.

31,000,000 coins

4I photographed a soldier who has eyes of different colors

5For those who “do not know” what the seat belt is for

6Petrified skin of a dinosaur. In 2008, it was sold on eBay for 4 thousand USD

7The fans of “Star Wars” immediately recognize in this photo “The Imperial March”

And that is what the Prague orchestra plays. It looks like, right?

8I got up at 5 in the morning to capture the Dutch tulips in the morning mist

9My room neighbor is a future radiologist. Today he has done an X-ray on some flowers

10The building of the Institute of Organic Chemistry in Moscow is built in the form of a DNA molecule

11This boy was hidden under the label

“Thank you, I was very sticky there.”

12The bottom of the bottle is made in the form of a rose

13The computer of a fan of flight simulators

14Air purifiers in China works

15Thus disguise the fences of the areas under construction in China

16In the local cinema there is a carpet similar to the one in the movie ‘El resplandor

17My mom sent me the photograph of a man burning dry branches behind his house. I think this is similar to a promotional poster of a horror movie

18Police horses mounted with reflective lights in the tails

19With nothing of Photoshop, only the eyes of the cat that were reflected with the camera flash

2012 nails are balanced in one’s head

21Hexagon of pencils

22Snow covered fields in Iowa from height

23Lemon with 4 segments

24On the left side, Beverly Hills. On the right side, Los Angeles. The first place only repairs your part of the road

25This stone fence has been repaired with the help of Lego bricks

26It turns out that my parrot has lower eyelashes

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