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25 Marketing techniques that have fed us up


Sometimes marketers use prohibited movements to force us to buy certain products. And these tricks are often really annoying, but we are still victims of them over and over again. Internet users shared photos of infernal sales maneuvers with which they had to face.

Gobhy.com has compiled 25 images that show the true fears and horrors experienced by consumers.

1There’s never too much ham! It is true…

2When it is very important to read what is written in small print

“Public parking. 4 USD every 10 minutes.”

3Instead of plastic clay there is a piece of cardboard

4“They tried to convince me that there were more bullets than there really is”

5“Only one half of my pie has cherries”

6In this scroll there were only 20 stickers

7“The most honest offer of all I’ve seen”

8“I thought I still had a quart of perfume bottle. No, it was a glass”

9Why could not a sixth pill be added?

10Fossils instead of chocolate snacks

11As they hide the true amount of balm behind the sticker

12“We will give you 25% more”, they said

13A big disappointment

14The mark on the glass indicates the amount of ice. Only the rest is drunk

15It turns out that “25% less” does not refer to the price

16“My expectations were already low, but I’m still disappointed”

17The Stormtroopers are no longer the same

18Do these confusing holes bother you too?

19What generosity!

20“Either the container is lying, or someone has already licked my ice cream”

21A lawn care company throws fake money through the neighborhood advertising their services

22The distance between the triangles became larger with the same length of the chocolate

23A total disappointment

24They made me pay for this!


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