Curious Facts of the Princesses
Curious Facts of the Princesses

Do you declare yourself a true fan of Disney princesses? Check out these 21 curious facts that you probably did not know

1. A war between the creators is almost unleashed to decide if Aurora’s dress would be pink or blue.

2. Aurora has violet eyes, impressive, is not it?

3. Cinderella is 19 years old, she is one of the oldest!

4. Aurora is the princess with less prominence in her own movie. It only has 18 lines of text!

5. The size of Cinderella shoes is 4 ½.

6. Ariel is only 16 years old.

7. Ariel was created after 30 years that Disney had not made princess movies.

8. Mérida is the first princess of Disney’s original history; the others are based on other stories.

9. Elsa has the title of queen and not of princess. Have we called it wrong all this time?

10. Elsa is 21 years old, becoming the largest of the group.

11. Bella was created to show that she was not perfect; we can see it in the lock of hair that almost the entire film has on the face.

12. Mulán could go to jail; remember that he killed almost two thousand men with an avalanche of snow.

13. Mérida was the first princess not to have an affair with a prince. Super!

14. Elsa followed the steps of Mérida and has stayed away from the clutches of love.

15. Elsa is the only princess (or queen) who has magical powers, another point in her favor?

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16. The director of Tangled, based Rapunzel’s taste for painting on the walls in his own daughter’s.

17. Mulán and Jazmín are the only ones who wear pants in the movies. Comfort first of all!

18. Jasmine is the only princess whose movie is not about her, what does Aladdin think?

19. Mulán is not a princess, since her family is not of the royalty nor her husband.

20. Pocahontas in the rebel group. She is the only one who has a tattoo!

21. Rapunzel’s alleged mother, Gothel, refers to the evil queen of Snow White.

What did you think? Did you already know this information?


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