There are people who are willing to do anything crazy. From sticking your head in a fish tank for a selfie, to “parking” your car on a fence, or cutting your friend’s hair in a public place: for them, nothing is impossible. And although their actions sometimes go beyond the limits of the sensible, it is impossible to get bored with their crazy occurrences. compiled some photos of people who for a while disabled the logic of their mind and surprised everyone.

1I always forget how to change from the third gear to the fourth

2I found something worse than socks and sandals

3I would like to rent a trailer. What am I going to tow? Do not worry about it

4It’s just a man cutting a boy’s hair in the park

5An underwater selfie

6Meanwhile, in Texas

7When you work overtime and decide to eat something

8This guy, throughout the flight, listened to music at the highest volume without earphones

9S Security

10When your hairdresser has a very active imagination

11Anti-theft fence

12I do not know how to describe what I saw

13This jeans are drunk

14If your hair takes longer to grow

15And you, what use do you give to stuffed animals?

16The technology of the future

17Do not do this

18Not to forget how your arm looks under the clock

19A spinner sandwich

20We would like to see this boy’s photo album

21Do not give up, friend

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