Comic-Con San Diego will start next week and many ‘Venom‘ novelties will be presented, as it is the next movie in the superhero genre and comic characters that will premiere. Although we will have to wait until October.

Entertainment Weekly, has shared two new images from the film Venom by Ruben Fleischer. On the one hand we can see the anti-hero Marvel and on the other hand Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) tied to a chair. He is with actor Riz Ahmed Riz Ahmed who plays Dr. Carlton Drake.

Here we leave the two images.

While talking to EW, Hardy shared some intriguing details about what excited him most when he was offered the role. “As for the Marvel characters, I have to say that Venom is the best.” Admit with a smile before adding: “That sounds a bit superficial! But I appreciate you having a kind of blatant swagger.”

He goes on to explain how he approached the task of differentiating Eddie Brock’s fate from the monster inside. “It’s a bit like Ren and Stimpy, you know?” – He jokes before delving into his real mentality, “They have different sounds. I’ve always seen Venom sound like a James Brown lizard, and Eddie Brock is like… “It changes to a bold American accent. “I do not know, a kind of man every day. But he has inherited this massive ego, this beast. “And that beast is not like any superhero, in the most absolute sense of the term, to have adorned the big screen with a moral that, at best, is questionable.”There is that problem of biting your head, which is not what you would expect from, say, Captain America.”

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The director also spoke with the publication.

Fleischer (Zombieland) joins him to promise a comic book that will fully embrace the violent tendencies of the character, as well as the horror he tends to leave in his wake. “We talk a lot about a werewolf and what it is when he gets infected or bites a werewolf.” He adds: “Usually, a human being is imbued with powers or an extraterrestrial comes from outer space and has to discover how to live in it.” But in reality it is a relationship between two people who must work together to create this hybrid symbiotic relationship.”

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