Straw Bag
Straw Bag

All the girls are obsessed with bags, or at least the majority. Unfortunately, some are quite expensive, especially if they are from well-known brands. Although, of course, there are also designs that are very cheap and can also work to go to the beach or for a breakfast with friends: the straw bags are that kind of bag.

If you have one but you do not know how to use it or you have it stored deep inside the closet, then it’s time to take it out. The straw bags are becoming the trend of this season because you can use them in any situation. These are 15 examples that will convince you to use yours.

1Straw bags are the trend of summer

2They will give a fresh touch to your outfit

3And there are different designs, models and sizes

4They look elegant and sophisticated

5And the best thing is that you can use them on any occasion

6They are the perfect complement to highlight your look

7With a striped blouse highlights its color

8You need maxivestids and a straw bag

9If you go to the beach, then you need one like this

10What do you think of a huge one? It is perfect!

11Designs can be round or square… you choose

12And if the coffee does not convince you, then choose a white one

13Retro lenses plus straw bag equal to the perfect combination

14You need to wear it with a denim outfit

15This is definitely the look of summer

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