South Korea is a country of contrasts, in which new technologies and the continuation of centuries-old Asian traditions combine with harmony and peace. Each trip to this incredible place reveals innumerable new secrets and mysteries that are worth knowing.

At we have chosen for you the most unexpected facts about South Korea, which will surely amaze you.

1There are no litter bins, while there are many public toilets

South Korean Squat Toilet

2The State helps pregnant women

All pregnant women in South Korea receive a special credit card from the government. It has 500 USD at its disposal. A future mother can spend that money just to visit the doctors and buy the medicines she needs. In addition, they can obtain a special keychain (of a social nature) that allows comfortable use of public transport. The seats for pregnant women in the subway are marked pink. The device activates this symbol so that all passengers know that there is a future mother in transport. This is especially useful, both for shy girls and for those who are in their early stages of pregnancy. There are also special parking places for them.

4In the supermarkets you can try food for free

In most of the local supermarkets, the tasting food is within reach of the customers and without restrictions, almost unlimited. No one controls how many times you try the food, and after eating a bit you can decide whether to buy the product or not.

5Koreans love giving and receiving practical gifts

A traditional gift at the opening party of a new house is usually a package of rolls of toilet paper. Koreans believe that the length of them suggests the longevity of their lives. They really adore practical gifts, especially those related to food. For example, the management of a South Korean company gave food baskets to their employees. These baskets, in different combinations, can be purchased at any supermarket before large holiday dates.

6TV presenters wear national clothes in the Korean New Year

7Each kindergarten has a uniform with a certain color to prevent children from getting lost in the crowd during city walks

8Churches give their parishioners small but nice gifts

Several times in a quarter, large parishes organize free visits to dentists and hairdressers for their parishioners. On the streets of South Korea, there are many representatives of different religions who actively recruit people. The most popular way to do it is by distributing free wet wipes with the address of the hood on them. By the way, this country has the most visited cathedral in the world: a parish that receives more than a million people a year.

9Students in the last courses of the school study until midnight

Korean children study a lot. The students of the elementary school have classes from 9 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon. The high school students return to their homes at 22:00 hours, while those of the last years study until 1:00 am. School libraries are open 24 hours a day specifically for these groups of people. But, despite this intense learning, Korean children do not become geniuses, quite the opposite. Many of them lose interest in hobbies, simply because they do not have time to have a personal life. They study, sleep while traveling on public transport, and spend their free time on social networks.

  Justin Bieber, happy to see Selena in mass

10In South Korea, almost all couples in love dress in the same clothes

Each Korean couple lets everyone around know that they are together wearing similar outfits. You can find a lot of clothes and shoes matched in local stores for lovers who want to show off.

11The best sign of gratitude to a teacher is a cup of coffee or sweets

Great gifts to teachers or public officials are considered bribes. Parents and children who want to show their gratitude to a professional often give away sweets or a cup of coffee instead of expensive items.

12Themed subway cars

There are many themed subway cars in South Korea, dedicated to certain cartoon characters. The stations are announced with their voices, and their figures are placed on the seats.

13South Korea is an isolated country that does not know the traditions of the Western world


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If you ask a Korean to tell you the name of the most popular singer in the world, he can hardly answer you. They almost do not know anything about other countries. They do not watch Western movies, nor listen to their music. They do not know their traditions, they do not even study geography in school. Any foreigner, for them, is usually considered American. At the same time, they will be happy to tell you who their idols are in the pop industry of their country. The most popular music group among young people in South Korea is the boy band called BTS.

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14In South Korea do not eat dogs

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Despite popular myths, young Koreans have never tasted dog meat. However, it is still possible to try that dish in South Korea, but it is extremely expensive. Modern Korean cuisine is very healthy. They usually eat grilled meat (without oil), lots of vegetables and of course, rice. A lot of rice But more than that, they love coffee.

15Koreans’ work addiction has no limits

Since recently, the South Korean government has declared war on the work addiction that swept the country in recent decades. Now, the computers of the office employees, addicted to work outside their normal schedule, automatically turn off on Friday at nightfall. Everything so that people can lead a normal life. This innovation affects everyone, but in special cases, exceptions can be made. However, not all Koreans are happy with this implementation. 67% of the employees have already requested that the forced closure program for office equipment not be applied to them.

Have you ever been to South Korea? If so, share your impressions about this amazing country in the comments section. And if you have not visited, tell us what you think about the facts mentioned above.

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