We all have objects that we adore, be it a toy, an electronic device or a kitchen utensil, and we are sure to know them in detail. But it turns out that many articles may surprise you if you see them inside.

Gobhy.com found 13 things that you would never have recognized because of their internal aspect.

1Hair bands made with condoms are an art

2Phone cases and other electronic devices are made with cardboard boxes of toothpaste

3The queen is pregnant!

4Actually, the whole chess set turned out to be very versatile

5A futuristic corridor? A fashionable ventilation? No, it’s just the inside of a vegetable grater

6Would you trust your life to a rope made with disposable diapers?

7Some see in this image a rare compass, but, in reality, it is only the dome of the New Athos Monastery in Abkhazia

8It is not a labyrinth for laboratory mice seen from the inside, but a pool table

9Do you think it is a cave of aliens? No, it’s just the “viscera” of a mattress

10It looks like the reception of some luxury establishment. Although, wait, it’s just a guitar!

11And this violin pretends to be a concert hall

12Yes, it may seem to many that it is heaven after the apocalypse, but it is only a human eye seen from the inside

13And finally, a women’s antiperspirant disguised as… a deodorant for feet!

Have you ever discovered new details of some object looking at it from another angle? Tell us in the comments.

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