Girl Kissing Guy
Girl Kissing Guy

People experience jealousy when they feel they are being cheated by their partner, and we have all had them at least once in a lifetime. Maybe some have done it with more intensity than others and now we know what the number one reason for jealousy is.

As in almost all situations of life, the zodiacal signs influence, and in a matter of jealousy they are not the exception; According to the sign of each girl, the feeling improves or worsens. Do you want to know how jealous you are? With the help of the stars now you can know if you are one of those girls with uncontrolled or very calm jealousy.


Those born under the sign of Aries are not so jealous, but if they come to see that their partner deceives them they can become rapturous, like an erupting volcano. They do not think twice and end the relationship; for the Aries there are no second chances.


People of this sign tend to be possessive of those they love, this leads them to be too jealous. When they discover an infidelity they can forgive, but with great difficulty and they never lose the opportunity to remind their partner of the damage they caused.


They are the most zealous of the zodiac. For them a betrayal is unforgivable because their partner occupies the central place in their life. They can forgive an infidelity by making a huge effort, but they will never forget it and will reproach their partner whenever they have the opportunity; they are often very jealous of their children because of the super-protective nature they have.


Generally they are not jealous because their self-confidence and pride prevent them. However, they are one of the signs that most deceptions suffer. Betrayal hurts them deeply, but their kind heart forgives easily.


Although they rarely show it, people with this sign are often jealous and distrustful. Virgo are experts in discovering infidelities without their partner noticing, collecting the evidence and then presenting it to them, that is how most of their relationships end.


People are aware of their charms and do not fear competition, for that reason jealousy is not part of their lives. They are not possessive either. In general, they are what cause jealousy since in its nature is to be flirtatious. But when they feel they invent stories that only they believe and lead them to have many problems in their relationship.


They are also considered the most zealous of the zodiac. Their proud nature can lead them to be blinded by jealousy to the point of losing control of a situation. Scorpions do not have a reason to watch, but they look for any detail to start a fight with their partner.


They have many difficulties in expressing their feelings openly, so when they feel jealousy they hide them. These actions can make them feel insecure. When they are deceived, they forgive easily only to maintain harmony in the relationship, but they never forget and contain their anger for a long time.


Generally, Aquarians do not feel jealous. Like the Geminians, they are usually involved in so many activities and projects that they forget to feel distrust of their partner. In addition, they often forgive infidelities easily because they honestly understand and forget treason if they are spoken with honesty.


They are extremely jealous. Sometimes they invent stories in their minds and imagine in detail how their partner deceives them. Their jealousy is the main reason why they do not usually last long in a relationship. When they are the victims they usually blame themselves for the deception, a situation that leads them to feel tormented.

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