The King of All Cosmos
The King of All Cosmos

The video game industry has always had strange content and this has nothing to do with a certain era. In the present it is possible to create many things from a simple idea and since the eighties, this has led to the development of strange titles that take the player out of balance for their graphics, stories, concepts and / or aesthetics.

To celebrate the rarity and creativity of the world of video games, here are some of the rarest ones that have been created. What is your favorite? If they have others that recommend, they can add them in the comments.


Curtain is a strange game for many reasons: it deals with abusive relationships, it is LGBT and has an intense, colorful and even stressful aesthetic. Created by a woman known as “dreamfeel” on the Internet, it is a kind of catharsis for her own experience; Curtain tells the story of Ally (an artist) and Kaci (a very unstable and abusive but also charismatic woman). The game shows the problematic of such a relationship and between the strong colors and the huge text, it is difficult not to feel overwhelmed. Curtain  is a very new title, lasts about 30 minutes and can be downloaded for PC and Mac free, with the option to pay whatever you think is worth.


Catherine is a game based on infidelity and morals. In short, the protagonist Vincent cheats on his girlfriend Katherine with a girl named Catherine. The point of the story is that the decisions that the player makes affect the end (with which woman Vincent remains) and although it seems simple, it is a more complicated game than it seems because when he sleeps, the protagonist has a recurring nightmare in the that he has to climb a tower that is nowhere to collapse.

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3Beat ‘Em & Eat’ Em

What this game of Atari 2600 has of simple also has it of strange. In Beat ‘Em & Eat’ Em basically, the only objective is to control two naked women who must “catch” with their mouth the semen of a man; every time the player gathers 69 points, he gets an extra life. One of the most simple and strange games in history.

4EYE: Divine Cybermancy

EYE is a cyberpunk game more complicated than any other and more confusing than Deus Ex, Dishonored and Osmantogether. Here the player must create a genetic profile instead of choosing a type or class and wake up crazed in a strange world after dying. In addition to these elements, it is rare because it is super specific and explains what type of person you killed (for example: “You killed a dentist”) and has very hostile dialogues by the player / protagonist towards other characters.

5Revolution X

In Revolution X, what you have to do is kidnap the Aerosmith band to control the world. Sound crazy? Obviously. Although not so much if the context of the game is taken into account: the player is supposed to be a malevolent dictator named Mistress Helga who has banned all kinds of entertainment forever.

6I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream

This title is based on a book of the same name and it is about an artificial intelligence that has ended with humanity and that has five survivors as prisoners. Artificial intelligence tortures them for more than 100 years and then decides that they are going to play a grim game: each one must overcome their personal defects and if they succeed, they have the possibility of restoring respect for humanity and rescuing Some people who are cryogenized on the moon.

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Killer 7 is a representation of the conflict between the United States and Japan and deals with a wheelchair killer with 7 personalities represented by different characters: Harman Smith, Garcian Smith, Dan Smith, Con Smith, Kevin Smith, Mask De Smith and KAEDE Smith . These seven assassins are hunters of “Heaven Smiles”, which are mutants controlled by Kun Lan, the enemy of Harman (the one in the wheelchair).

8Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition was released again for PS3 recently and is a game that could be compared slightly with Silent Hillin terms of aesthetics and theme, but that with respect to everything else, is strange and unclassifiable. The game mixes genres, but the most notorious are the survival horror, the shooter and the open world. Here the protagonist is Agent Francis York Morgan of the FBI and the plot begins when he is sent to investigate a murder in a rural area. York has an imaginary friend whom he talks to constantly and while exploring the town, he encounters monsters and horrible creatures.

9They love each other

The games of digital pets are very dear; from the Tamagochi to Nintendogs . Seaman  de Sega is a game of that style but instead of taking care of an adorable little animal, the player must make friends with a fish with the face of Yoot Saito (the producer of the title). The point is to take care of this strange creation until legs come out and you can walk on solid ground. Very pretty.

10Katamari Damacy

Katamari Damacy is one of the rarest games that have been created, but interestingly, it has done very well globally. Here the player takes on the role of the Prince and through all levels, he must clean up the disaster his father left in the world; that does it by collecting all the objects that are found no matter what they are. The father of the prince is an incredible and rare character called King of all Cosmos and is a blue-skinned, barbonated deity who destroys the world in his drunkenness and causes absolute chaos. Any resemblance of the Adventure Time series  with Katamari issurely not a coincidence.

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11LSD: Dream Emulator

The only point of LSD: Dream Emulator is to experience the environment in supposed dreams. Needless to say, the title explains everything and this environment is the opposite of normal or typical. Each “dream” sequence lasts about 10 minutes before “awakening”.

12Hatoful Boyfriend

This is a dating simulator, but instead of having human characters, they are all birds and only the protagonist is a person. There are lots of simulators of quotes, but there are no others about birds (pigeons, canaries, parakeets and more). Hatoful Boyfriend may not be a good title, but it is rare.

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