Songs about gay romances
Songs about gay romances

A perfect playlist for celebrating pride.

Each year, a new wave of artists arrives to push the visibility of the GLBTQ community. True hymns like I Will Survive, Everyone Looks at Me, Believe and Who Cares , help scream pride in their sexual orientation.

In this opportunity we wanted to review what they talk about love between people of the same sex. Well, love, lack of love, pain, statements and everything a romance can bring.

1Bloom by Troye Sivan

Your fans are convinced that the topic talks about gay sex, specifically about the passive role in bed. “Take a trip to my garden,” “I need you to tell me right before I come down, hold my hand if I’m afraid now, take a second, darling…”, is about being passive during sex.

2Paulina Rubio by Mia

In an interview the golden girl indicated that the song was made for a woman and so she wished to interpret it. “My, you my refuge when I do not find outlets / Mine, I will walk to your heart day after day / A life will not be enough to love you more and more”.

3Lay Me Down by Sam Smith

What would a gay love soundtrack be without this Smith theme? A beautiful and promising request, ideal for those who will walk down the hall. “You told me not to cry when you left
But the feeling is overwhelming, it’s much stronger

Can I lie by your side, by your side?
And make sure you’re okay?

4All American Boy by Steve Grand

Steve arrived at the scene of the country as the first openly gay singer, and their themes and video clips have no halftones: She sings the boy she loves.

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All American Boy became a hymn for those who sometimes fall in love with a straight guy: “Now I know that’s your girl, I do not want to be disrespectful”, “Be my American boy tonight … And it’s okay, it’s Well, we can continue with this until dawn. ”

5Mujer Contra Mujer by Mecano

A classic of music in Spanish, created by the legendary band Mecano. The Spaniards fought to break many stereotypes in the 80s, and with this song they talked about lesbian love when nobody did it. “They disguise it as friendship”, One thinks that that is not right / The other thinks that what is going to be done / And what others think is too much”.

6Forrest Gump by Frank Ocean

The first love is not forgotten, and Frank led him to write this beautiful song. “I know Forrest / I know it would not hurt a hand / But you’re so amateur and so strong / I’m nervous Forrest”.

7Esta Forma by Amarnos

In 2011, they premiered “the first gay vallenato”. In This way of loving us they speak of an impossible love by social standards. “” It is breaking our happiness for fear of comment “,” Do not impose the thought / Neither borders to this feeling / If what is called sin, love has sacramented us “.

9I Still Love You by Jennifer Hudson

Jenn released this anthem of equality after the historic decision of the US Supreme Court to approve same-sex marriage. “I am silent again because of this love”, “If you break these chains, help me live again”.

10Yo te Diré by Miranda!

The impossible love that the Argentine group is talking about in this song is not about one in the style of Romeo and Juliet, but one that has to be hidden from society. “I’ll tell you what we can do / Let’s love each other secretly, baby / Let’s be where nobody is / Let’s make our love the deepest secret / Even if everybody sings it”.

11Amante Bandido by Miguel Bosé

All metaphors fabulous 1984 issue leading to the proposal for a guy to another to keep their affair secret. “I will be your captive lover”, “I will be lost in a moment with you / Forever / I will be a man for you / I will renounce being what I was”.

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