Worst Passwords
Worst Passwords

The security company SplashData has analyzed more than 5 million passwords and has located the 100 that are most repeated, and therefore are the least safe, and have been used by at least 10% of the analyzed accounts.
Hackers are using common terms of Culture and Sports to get into connected accounts, as they are aware that many people are using those easy words to retain.
Despite the fact that technology and computer crimes have grown exponentially in recent years, the same security errors keep repeating themselves. Interestingly words like “Password”, “football”, “iloveyou”, “admin”, “welcome”, “monkey”, “login”, “starwars” or “dragon”, are among the most used and are considered as the least recommendable to preserve the security of our terminals and accounts.

The main recommendation to keep our systems safe is to change the keys regularly and avoid everyday words and sequences of numbers or letters. You must create original combinations, containing numbers, letters, signs, uppercase and lowercase. On the other hand the interesting thing is to have different passwords to access different environments. With all the above being not invulnerable, it will be difficult to complicate whoever intends to hack our privacy.

This is the worst 10 passwords of 2018, are the most used and easiest to hack and of course should not be used under any circumstances.

1. 123456

2. Password

3. 12345678

4. qwerty

5. 12345

6. 123456789

7. letmein

8. 1234567

9. football

10. iloveyou

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