Ways to make your phone battery last longer
Ways to make your phone battery last longer

In an increasingly interconnected society, mobile is, nowadays, an essential item for many. Given the innumerable possibilities and resources that our phones currently have, it makes staying out of battery at the most inopportune time a more usual situation than we would like. Many remember those first phones whose battery lasted a week and we miss them in comparison with the current ones that for a day to last, almost a miracle must happen.

To help you in the management of the power of your phones I have compiled the 10 most useful recommendations to maximize their durability. They are very simple ideas to implement, and it will not cost us anything to integrate them into our day to day.

This is 10 tips to make the phone’s battery last longer, very useful so that the phone does not play tricks on us.

1. Screen

The illumination of the mobile screen consumes a large amount of battery and it is highly recommended to keep it as low as possible without losing viewing quality.

2. Wifi

Whenever possible it is more advisable to navigate through a Wi-Fi network (if the signal strength is good) instead of using the telephone data. The amount of energy the device needs is less. You have to remember to deactivate it when you do not have it.

3. GPS

GPS is the services that consume more battery. If it is not being used it is recommended to deactivate the GPS and any application that asks for the location. It is advisable to use it only when necessary.

4. Extreme temperatures

It is highly recommended to avoid the exposure of the mobile (both in use and in charge) to extreme temperatures of cold or heat as it affects both the useful life of the battery and its daily durability.

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5. Applications

Having open applications, both in use and in the background, consume a large amount of battery and data of our rate. We must review it daily and only open those that are being used.

6. Airplane Mode

It is very useful to use the Airplane Mode of the phone in those periods of the day when we either do not have coverage or we are not going to use it since this way the cost of our battery will be considerably reduced.

7. Blocking

We must configure the screen lock so that the mobile phone turns off as soon as possible since in this way there is little time between the inactivity of the device and its rest and thus the screen will consume the lowest possible energy.

8. Notifications

When we receive notifications or notifications the mobile is activated, either by illuminating the screen when it is blocked or playing some kind of sound, and this consumes the battery. It is important to have activated only the notifications of the essential applications and avoid the rest.

9. Energy Saving Mode

If your phone has this mode it is important to activate it since it is designed to help us save battery. With this the phone itself recognizes that we are running out of energy by completely eliminating the brightness of the screen as well as the vibration. This mode also allows us to restrict the background applications and adjust the quality of the video in the games, among other things.

10. Operating System

It is highly recommended to always have the latest version of the mobile operating system installed, since in the successive updates the developers improve the phone’s performance, so that the mobile phone will be more efficient in its battery consumption.

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