Girls hate oral sex
Know the reasons why girls refuse oral sex.

Men enjoy a lot when their partner gives them  oral sex, however, it is very common for a girl to refuse to practice it. If this is your case, and your partner refuses to give you oral pleasure even though you ask (and even beg), we present a list of situations that make a girl refuse to do so.

1. Insist and keep insisting

Going on again and again so that oral sex produces many negative situations. The first is that it makes you see something desperate. And the second, is that your partner believes that is bad in bed and that’s why you just want me to do an oral. A simple solution is to start giving her oral pleasure, if you do it right, she will return the favor.

2. Push your head down

Maybe you think you’re being subtle, but that kind of actions are very hated by girls. A worse situation is that not while you practice oral sex you push your head, causing it to drown.

3. Difficulty breathing

Giving a man oral sex can be uncomfortable if he does not allow you to breathe calmly. It is more shocking even when she stops to breathe and you insist she continue.

4. Very hairy members

Although pubic hair plays an important role in stimulating the clitoris to achieve orgasm, oral sex is counterproductive. If you do not want to shave, choose to have that area groomed, without excessively long hairs that remain in the mouth.

5. A scent “scares women”

Hygiene is important at all times. Women are very sensitive to sweat and urine odors. Do not assume that your member does not smell and perform a proper hygiene of the area, your partner will thank you.

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6. It’s  not just you

Being selfish in bed is very bad. If you have detected that your partner enjoys oral sex , do not leave her wanting, she has already fulfilled you.

7.  Extending time unnecessarily

Men are obsessed with the duration of sex and are afraid to come quickly. If you have your partner for a long time doing the oral and you can not come, you will only produce a pain in the jaw, get bored and continue without desire.

8.  A bad taste in your mouth

If your partner agreed to receive your semen, the least you can do is make sure it tastes good. This is achieved by consuming sweet fruits and vegetables during the day. Do not forget to let him know when you are about to ejaculate.


9.  Think of them

Although women enjoy watching their partner enjoy, does not mean that after a while they do not want caresses, kisses or affectionate or stimulating phrases.

10.  Leave a trace without wanting to

Women are afraid of biting their partner while they perform oral sex. If that happens, take care of your reaction, because it could mean that she does not want to do it again.

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