Dad is your best friend
Dad is your best friend

When it comes to having a best friend and life partner, there is no one better than your dad! Although sometimes we can have our differences with him, his love for us will always be unconditional, and that’s why our dad is the best in the world!

Check these signs that indicate that your BFF and best confidant is your daddy:

You can talk about EVERYTHING with him

So it is that a lover broke your heart, that you have cramps, that you love such a boy, he always has the best advice! It does not hurt to talk to him about any topic, because he always listens to you and understands you.

You are his princess

Nobody dares to hurt you, because Troy burns! You do not need bodyguards or defenders, because your princess is not touched by anyone. He always takes care of you and defends you as if you were porcelain!

He knows you better than anyone

You can not fool him. If you are sad, however much you deny it, he will know it and will do everything to get you a smile.

They have shared the best experiences

Birthdays, graduations, joys, sorrows, emotions. Anyway, in everything important, your dad has been by your side!

Never change

They can fight or argue, but you will never stop being their princess. At the end of the day he will always give you a hug and he will be the same happy dad always.

His advice is always the best

You do not need to ask anyone else for advice because for him you will always be his priority, so he will never fail you. You will always want the best for you!

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Get along with your friends

When you invite your friends to the house, your dad’s company is the best. It takes incredible with everyone and always consents and talks with you. He is one of the group!

The biggest payer

Do you want a dog? You call dad. You want an icecream? You call dad. A dress? Dad to the rescue!

In your eyes, is the bravest

Although certain things give fear or phobia, for you, you risk everything! So I hated the snakes, if it were for you, I would grab thousands of them!

Do not imagine your life without him

Your daddy is an indispensable part of you and your life, comfort him and always use him!

Simply, dad is the best!

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