One of the most famous magicians in the world, David Copperfield, once said: “The magic’s true secret lies in the way it is performed”. In one of its tricks, it causes a train car to rise above the ground, levitate and disappear. As it does? It turns out that most of any magic trick is meticulous preparation, practice and the art of making the public see what they want to see.

Magic fascinates us all, regardless of age. Good tricks fascinate us and no matter how many times we look at them, they keep us curious and anxious on the edge of our seats until the end. The more professional and impressive the trick, the more intense is our desire to know what is behind it.

At, we have created a list of the secrets behind some of the best-known magic tricks throughout history. With our fairly simple explanations, you will discover how these tricks are carried out and you can even try to perform some of them on your own.

10Throwing knives

Throwing knives trick

9A piece of cloth in motion

This trick includes a  piece of cloth that moves as if there were a creature hidden beneath it. People in the audience should believe that it is a ghost invoked by the magician while moving his hands on the cloth.

How it is done: the magician uses a colorful handkerchief that hides a piece of fine wire on one of its edges. One end of the cable is slightly bent and when pressed the magician causes the cable to rise. This is how the optical illusion is created that the fabric is in motion, and the colorful pattern of the handkerchief helps distract the attention of the public from the small details.

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8Traverse a knitting needle through a balloon

A knitting needle is traversed through a balloon without it exploding. In fact, this trick is quite easy to perform and you can try it at home.

How it is done: You must completely cover the needle with oil. The places where you drill the balloon are crucial. Push the needle through the “strong” points of the balloon where the latex layer is thickest. These areas are in the upper part and in the neck of the balloon.

You must make sure to go through the needle through these 2 points and, thus, the balloon will not explode. To carry out this trick you can use a knitting needle, a long needle with a thread or even a pencil.

7Cut and restore

The magician cuts the rope in 2 parts, then bends the halves in one hand, makes some mysterious movements with the other hand and then shows us an intact cord with no cuts.

How it’s done: Here’s one more trick you can try at home. The point is that what the short magician is not really the original string, but a small identical string that extends in the same hand that holds the string. The magician hides the cut piece and shows us the original cord intact.

6Solve a mathematical problem with a magic chalk

At the beginning of this trick, the spectators see 2 small boards. The magician writes a mathematical problem on one of the boards. The space of the solution is left blank. Then, the 2 tables are placed face to face with a piece of chalk between them.

The magician shakes the boards, then opens them and the spectators see the solution to the problem written on the board just where it is supposed to be.

How to do it: one of the boards has a secret panel that fits the frame of the board and has a mathematical problem and the solution is written on it. It is placed face down inside the frame so that the numbers can not be seen. When the magician shakes the boards and then opens them, what the spectators see is this secret panel that falls face up on the front board.

5Pass a coin through the glass

The magician crosses a coin through a glass table.

How it’s done: The wizard uses 2 identical steel coins for this trick. One of the coins is placed on the glass, while the other remains hidden in the palm of the magician. An essential accessory of this trick is a ring with a magnet attached to it that remains hidden under the fingers of the magician.

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The magician holds the coin hidden under the glass with the palm of the hand that has the ring and that is on the glass so that the magnet attracts the coin through it. The magician guides the coin attracted to the place where the other coin is. When the hand is raised from the top, the coin that was under the glass falls on the palm of the other hand; At the same time, the coin that was originally placed on the table is pulled towards the magnet that has the ring. This is how the effect of crossing the glass is created.

4The scarf that goes through the neck

The scarf is tied around the neck of the magician. The magician pulls it hard, the scarf ends in the hands of the magician, creating the effect of piercing the neck.

How it’s done: Here’s another trick that’s pretty easy to do yourself at home. All you need is a long scarf or rope. You must tie the scarf following the instructions that appear in the image above. You need to create 2 loose circles and pass one in the middle of the other.

This knot deceives the viewer and creates the illusion of a tight scarf around the neck. Quickly, you must remove the scarf and the ties will be released to create the effect of the scarf that passes through your neck.

3How to survive a lethal cut

The magician cuts the arm with a knife, passing it through the skin and muscles. The trick looks really scary and dangerous. However, at the end of the trick, the wizard’s arm is safe and sound and does not have any kind of cut.

How it’s done: the secret of the trick is the knife. It has a sliding blade with a semicircular space. When this space surrounds the arm, it creates the effect of pushing the blade through the muscles.

2Capture the bullet with the teeth

The magician carries a rifle with gunpowder and a bullet. Then, the rifle is handed over to the assistant, who then shoots the magician who is at a considerable distance. After this shot, the surprised public can see the magician holding the bullet with his teeth.

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How it’s done: the rifle used for this trick is not real. The shooting effect is simply recreated with the help of a special mechanism hidden inside the rifle. By loading the bullet into the barrel, the magician uses a special funnel with a small magnet on the end. The magnet attracts the bullet and the magician hides it until the end of the trick when the bullet appears right between his teeth.

To create a more impressive effect, sometimes, there is a glass structure placed between the wizard and the wizard. At the moment of the shot, the crystal is broken with the help of a special mechanism and creates the illusion of a real shot. Mark the bullet with a special sign before loading the rifle and show the audience that it is the same bullet at the end of the trick generates much more impression on people.

1The disappearance of the enigmatic Orient Express train

This is one of the most fascinating and impressive tricks in the history of magic and illusionism, David Copperfield makes a wagon of the Orient Express train disappear in front of a crowd of spectators. The car is covered with cloth and raised above the ground. When Copperfield removes the cloth, there is nothing underneath.

How it is done: one of the theories says that there is a special rigid construction in the form of a frame built around the roving with a copy of its outline. Once the wagon is covered with the fabric, it is removed and the fabric rests on the edges. When the spectators see how the wagon gets up, what they really see is the frame covered with the fabric.

The aim of the illusionists is not only to create an atmosphere of magic: their main intention is to distract the attention of the spectators and keep them focused on the frame with the fabric while removing the wagon from the train.

As you can see, many tricks that are quite familiar can be explained easily and without any difficulty; Quick hands, artistic illusions, visual effects and the personal touch of the magician are the things that really baffle our minds.

Which of the above revelations surprised you the most? Would you like to try one of the tricks mentioned above? Please share your answers with us in the comments section!

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