Explore The Sónar
Explore The Sónar

When does Sónar begin? In fact, it began a few weeks ago with the inauguration of the exhibition Ni flyers and posters at the Center d’Art Tecla Sala. Or yesterday with the installation of Chiasm in Barcelona City Council. The Sónar + D opens doors to professionals tomorrow at Fira Montjuïc. Thursday starts the musical activity at Sónar by Day, and on Friday at Sónar by Night. Every day a claim. Next, 10 keys to explore the 25th edition.

Stars come from pop

Gorillaz and Thom Yorke will be the stars of Sónar by Night

One of the directors of Sónar, Enric Palau, admits that there are artists who have taken them to the Festival. This year there are two who chased some time ago: the leader of Radiohead, Thom Yorke, and the Gorillaz project by Damon Albarn. Both come from a musical field that Sónar does not have in his DNA: the British pop of the 90s. But if they have space at the festival, Yorke is presenting his experimental adventure on the fringes of Radiohead and because Albarn arrives with him Gorillaz show, a group that was born almost like a funbesides Blur but that has ended up becoming its main occupation, with two discs published in a year and a half. Gorillaz’s audiovisual show will open the Sónar by Night on Friday (2pm). Yorke, with producer Nigel Godrich and the visual artist Tarik Barri, will perform on Saturday (1:40 p.m.).

Faithful to the festival

Richie Hawtin and Laurent Garnier and LCD Soundsystem

Despite celebrating the 25th edition, the Sónar does not play the letter of nostalgia. And unlike past editions, neither does it look to quote historical pages of electronic music. In return, it exhibits the fidelity links that the festival has established with some artists throughout this quarter of a century. This is the case of Canadian Richie Hawtin, who at Sónar by Night on Saturday (4:25 p.m.) will present the CLOSE show . He also accompanied the evolution of Sónar the French Laurent Garnier, who will close Saturday Sónar by Night with a four-hour session in which, he says, he will only tap his own songs.

James Murphy’s relationship with the festival does not go so far, but it has left unforgettable moments, such as the premiere of the Despacio disco (half with the Belgians 2manydjs), which returns in an improved version to Sónar by Day . In addition, Murphy will double acting at the head of LCD Soundsystem, the group folded sails in 2011 but last year he returned with the album American Dream . Although this is not an album at the height of his legend, it must be said that the main asset of New York’s training is the direct one. The concert will be Saturday at Sónar by Night (22.00 h).

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Artists with white lettering

El Niño de Elche and Israel Galván release ‘Coplas mecánicas’

There are artists who choose the Sónar to premiere shows or discs, but there are also those who receive, if not the commission, at least the proposal to prepare a show to premiere it at the festival, a white card without any kind of ” An indication like the one that El Niño de Elche has accepted, who will perform for the third time at Sónar, this time doing tandem with the bailaor Israel Galván. The proposal they bring is Coplas mecánicas , a name borrowed from Antonio Machado. The appointment, Thursday at Sónar by Day (8:00 p.m.).

African rhythms

Black Coffee, Mr. Eazi, Kampire, KOKOKO! … and Tony Allen

Palau defends the role of “Sastre” as a runner. He often does it in the first person, but also trusts the work to intermediaries such as the American Diplo. It is he who has selected some of the African artists that will perform Friday afternoon: the South Africans Distruction Boyz, Ugandan Kmapire and the Nigerian Mr. Eazi. The African presence does not end here. There will also be the Egyptian Rozzma (attention to Arab psychedelia for radishes ), the South African Black Coffee, the KOKOKO Congolese! and the Nigerian Tony Allen, who will share Afrobeat with the funk of the American Amp Fiddler. All at Sónar by Day.

Liberato, the Italian riddle

A Neapolitan star with no name or face

Who is Liberato? He has not transcended his name (even if he is a person or a group), hides his face under a hood and has become a phenomenon thanks to some very melodic sung song subjects that have been scattered throughout Naples for Italy thanks to video clips made by Francesco Lettieri and showing images of the youth of Naples. The views on YouTube rubbed the eleven million … and Sónar did not want to pass the opportunity to present it to Barcelona. It will be Friday at the Sónar by Day (4:30 p.m.).

DJ for the morning

Miss Kittin, Charlotte de Witte, DJ Harvey and John Talabot

Sónar and Laurent Garnier drove SonarCar a few years ago, a space at Sónar by Night in which a single DJ was conducting marathon sessions. This year, they will star in British DJ Harvey (Friday) and Barcelona’s John Talabot (Saturday). However, the DJ payroll for the nights of the festival is long and varied. To close the different stages there will be thetechno of the Belgian Charlotte de Witte and the German Helena Hauff, hand in hand between French Miss Kittin and the American Kim Ann Foxman, the unpredictableturntablism of Canadian A-Trak .. . And not forgetting the session at Sónar by Day (Thursday at 8:15 p.m.) from the pioneer of the house Tony Humphries.

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Tribute to Mika Vainio

The Sónar remembers one of the greatest of avant-garde electronics

Finnish Mika Vainio died on April 12, 2017 at age 53, and his partner at Pan Sonic, Ilpo Väisänen, pays tribute to the Die Angel project , which shares with the German Schneider TM. Together they made the album Entropien I , dedicated to the memory of Vainio. His Saturday concert at Sónar by Day (4:00 pm) is planned as one of the most emotional moments of this festival edition.


The scene of younger urban music

The festival added last year the SonarXS stage dedicated to the underground massive urban music, especially those in Spain. Trap , reguetón and dancehall were the protagonists, and this year they redoubled the bet. The selection is very varied: of the reggaeton of the Colombian Rosa Pistola in the tropical trap of Valencians Mueveloreina and of the unstoppable Steve Lean (producer of Pxxr Gvng and Yung Beef) in the unclassifiable “tumaca pan, madafaka”by Lory Money. Outside SonarXS there will be the presentation of the second album by Rosalía (Friday, 6:30 p.m.) and the hip-hop of Majorcan Rels B (Saturday, 5:30 p.m.). By the way, Refree, producer of Rosalía’s first album, will open an electronic project on Friday at 4:00 p.m. with filmmaker Isaki Lacuesta.

The exploration of space

NASA, the MIT Media Lab and the nanosatellite workshop

The future of space exploration is one of the cornerstones of Sónar + D, the congress of creativity, technology and business that is celebrated in parallel to the festival’s musical performances. As usual in Sónar, they have sought a link with artistic creation and the democratization of technologies. For example, Nelly Ben Hayoun, founder and director of the International Space Orchestra, the first orchestra formed by NASA scientists and astronauts, and Ariel Ekblaw, director of the Space Exploration Initiative of the MIT Media Lab, will participate. In addition, the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia (IEEC) will do a nanosatellite workshop.

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Susan Rogers

Prince’s right hand to investigate musical cognition

The American Susan Rogers is one of the most anticipated visits of the Sónar + D for several reasons: it was the sound technique of several discs by Prince and worked with David Byrne and Tricky, but above all it is important because he orders a laboratory to Boston investigates how the brain relates to music. The talk will be Thursday at 3:40 p.m.

A storm of light at the City Hall

A storm of light, sound and smoke changed the interior courtyard of the Barcelona City Hall. It was the inauguration of Chiasm , the immersive installation of the Dutch artist Edwin van der Heide. The show, with free access and which can be visited until Thursday (Friday weddings at the Town Hall), plays with light and sound to address the intimate interactions between the bodies and the space in which they coexist. To amplify the sensation of tridimensionalidad, and using a thin layer of smoke, the light of multiple lasers becomes visible and tangible, and creates surfaces and forms projected within the space.

A festival of 9.2 million euros

The 25th edition of Sónar (and Sónar + D) is held from Wednesday to Saturday at Fira Montjuïc and Fira Gran Via 2, with a special concert at L’Auditori (the OBC interprets In C , by Terry Riley) and a closing Sunday at the Teatre Grec with Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto. The global budget is 9.2 million euros (1.3 million more than last year). The contribution of public administrations is 730,000 euros (7.9% of the total), of which 400,000 are from the City Council of Barcelona, ​​165,000 from the Generalitat (for Sónar + D), 150,000 from the European Union and 15,000 from the Ministry of Culture. Private sponsorship accounts for 17.23% (1.5 million) and own revenues of 75%.

The joint ticket for Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night costs 195 euros (210 at the festival ticket offices). The payment only for the two Sónar by Night days is exhausted (it costs 135 euros). The daily entrance for the Sónar by Day costs 58 euros (65 at the ticket offices); and the entrance for each day of Sónar by Night, 79 euros (85 at the ticket offices).

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