1Geraldine Bazán

Geraldine Bazán

2Sandra Bullock

Joshua  Corbett, 42 committed suicide in his home in Los Angeles after violating the conditional freedom he received after being found guilty of harassing and entering the home of the Oscar-winning actress.


At the beginning of the year, a lawyer for the “I fell in love” interpreter filed a complaint with the Mossos d’Esquadra in Barcelona against a suspected harasser who had approached dangerously and on different occasions to the Colombian singer and who had even made her cry. his little children, Sasha and Milan.

4Taylor Swift

One subject was arrested in 2016  for allegedly harassing to Taylor Swift. Subsequent investigations revealed that the guy – Frank Andre Hoover – planned to kill the singer and her entire family.

5Kendall Jenner

The top model said that “I had never been so terrified” as when a dangerous subject was introduced to his home in the Hollywood Hills. The harasser was prosecuted and sentenced to stay away permanently from the star of Keeping up with the Kardashians(E!).

6Pamela Anderson

In 2015, the blonde revealed the horrible episode lived in her own home when finding a vagabond woman are her iconic red swimsuit show Baywatch put. The woman had in her possession a letter that said: “I am not a lesbian, I just want to touch you”.

8Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt’s ex was also the victim of a dangerous subject who in 2010 marked the sides of his car with a message that said: “I love Jennifer Aniston.” The individual claimed that he was the husband of the actress and after being prosecuted received an order that prohibited him from approaching less than 100 yards from the actress.

9Britney Spears

In 2002 the actress and singer was azolada by a Japanese named Masahiko Shizawa who moved to the United States to be closer to her. The individual sent him letters and finally he was accused of persecuting her. Paradoxically the subject counterattacked and denounced that one of the bodyguards of the singer had threatened him with a gun. His complaint was rejected.


Around 1995 the Material Girl began to receive death from  Robert Dewey Hoskins, a dangerous subject who entered his house, said he would cut his neck from ear to ear and dared to sing the songs of the star in front of herself when they came face to face in court

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