Home Sexuality Vacation on the beach? We tell you how to have sex underwater

Vacation on the beach? We tell you how to have sex underwater

Sex under water is a sexual fantasy very common for all of us who have been at sea, in a pool or even in the shower with our partner, but although it seems very simple it is not so much. The problem is precisely the water, if it is the first time and we do not take precautions before, we will think that it did not work out as we wished and that is due to lack of experience.

Underwater Sex
Underwater Sex

The trick of underwater sex is actually much simpler than you think, just follow some instructions so you can enjoy it.

The foreplay out of the water

Ideally, garment the environment with massage oils, a neutral or natural that does not have chemicals. They rub the bodies of the other, but do not include the genitals. Walk your skin with plenty of fluid and enjoy how erotic it can be.

Prepare the area

For this you must use a thick, silicone lubricant. They sell them in the sex shop, this will allow them to not dissolve so quickly when they enter the water. It does not matter that you abuse the lubricant, when you enter the water you will realize that it is necessary.

Do it now!

In the water the foreplay will have served to maximize the sensations, due to the oil the hands will be the most skillful in the world. Bodies weigh less in water, so positions will be easier.

The positions

If you are in the jacuzzi, you just have to take the edge to get “puppy”, the boy is back and once they start, she should move her pelvis back forward.

In the shower, the woman stands with her back to him. They should have closed legs and once he penetrates, she will tilt her chest as far forward as possible, in order to achieve the horizontal face and chest.

In the pool, he should stand and carry the girl in front. She will bend her legs until they are at the level of the armpits and if you can raise one or both legs on his shoulders.


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