Home Entertainment This is the love of Shawn Mendes for Harry Potter

This is the love of Shawn Mendes for Harry Potter

He really loves the magical world of the most famous magician on the planet

Shawn Mendes
Shawn Mendes

Neither Shawn Mendes has been able to resist the magical world of Harry Potter

In addition to singing and having a great time at the Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, Shawn talked about his great love for the world of Harry Potter and we love that he is also a fan!

When James asked him about HP: “On a scale of 10 being super fanatic crazed and 0 is ‘hating it, you’ve never seen it’, where are you?”

Shawn said: “9.5, I really love it, I have a complete book at home where I wrote all the spells.”

James asked him what he preferred, the movies or the books, and Shawn replied: “Only the magic, you know, the wands and the strange little candies that make you become a lion and those things”.

In the end Shawn ends up dressed from head to toe as a magician and even revealed that he felt super nervous when he met Emma Watson, who plays Hermione Granger in the movies.

We love that Shawn is a Harry Potter fan!


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