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The sanction to ZTE will not be suspended until the $ 1.4 billion is paid

ZTE Iceberg
ZTE Iceberg

ZTE is still unable to start acquiring products from established companies within the US until it pays the amount established as a penalty after it was found trading with companies within Iran and North Korea and this seems not to happen as soon.

Since the month of April, ZTE has not been able to make any purchase of any of the components of its devices, which is why most of its production has been paused. Fortunately it has been possible to reach an agreement in which ZTE has to pay a fine of $ 1.4 billion dollars in two parts, the first one is one billion dollars while the other 400 billion dollars will be to avoid any other type of inconvenience between the company and the government of the United States.

This sanction can be taken as a personal favor from President Donald Trump towards ZTE directors who would otherwise be subject to a sanction that lasted seven years and therefore left the Chinese company in a rather delicate position. that now you only need to make the first payment to go back to work normally.


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