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The Samsung Galaxy Watch with Wear OS may not be what we imagine

Samsung Gear Sport Spotify
Samsung Gear Sport Spotify

Things may not always be what they seem or as a wise man says, not everything that shines is gold. Moreover we know that we as people can be wrong and apparently this has been the case with Evan Blass that had excited us with the arrival of a possible Samsung Galaxy Watch with Wear OS.

From this moment we have to apologize because several of our readers may have been excited by the possible arrival of a Samsung Galaxy Watch device with Wear OS instead of the operating system commonly found on these devices, such as Tizen. Evan Blass had seen several Samsung workers with devices that appeared to be Samsung Gear devices with Wear OS then believed that this union of currents could be given, but unfortunately this was not the case.

The devices that Samsung employees were using were not a Samsung Galaxy Watch with Wear OS but a few gifts from Google for the company’s employees and they were only using them. In this way we may see that the next Samsung smartwatch using the same software that has been included to date.


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