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The O2 operator comes to Spain officially with a unique and attractive mobile rate

Operator O2 Spain
Operator O2 Spain

You may hear the logo of the main image of this post. It is a sponsor that the Arsenal football club has held for many years and represents one of the most important operators in the United Kingdom. The O2 operator is chosen by millions of people in the country to communicate and has now officially arrived in Spain, according to ADSLZone. In this way the company forms its catalog with Tuenti and Movistar. Therefore, we can expect O2 to use telephone networks, the most widespread in our country. Although they have offers to get fiber and your home, what interests us the mostAndroid lovers is the data and call rate.

O2 arrives in Spain with a single mobile rate. Do not want complications, or hundreds of offers in your catalog. It wants to offer simplicity to the user, an impeccable response and one of the best technical services in the country. It seems that O2 intends to bet on the transparency of some operators Low cost, but offering a technical service of the best that we can see in our country.

Unlimited calls and SMS with 20 GB of data for only 20 euros

The unique and attractive O2 rate has few words: you can call everything you want, send all the messages you want and navigate with 20 GB per month for 20 euros. It is simple and offers what millions of people in our country are looking for. Everyone can afford to pay 20 euros per month and with this operator it seems that not only you will have many GB, but also one of the best attentions.

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O2 has focused on offering an impeccable technical service and for that reason if something you think is wrong with your invoice you will be refunded the money instantly. It will be later when the company studies the case and reaches a consensus to maintain the refund or communicate its cancellation. In addition, whenever you want to talk to an agent on the phone you will do it with him, which will help to have more confidence and knowledge of the case.

O2 begins its journey today in Spain, although you will not be able to contract this mobile tariff until June 20, date that confirms ADSLZone for the pilot launch. The true arrival to the market will be in September, who knows if with new mobile rates.


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