Home Entertainment The new song of Selena Gomez has super confused Justin Bieber

The new song of Selena Gomez has super confused Justin Bieber

The singer does not know how to interpret the star's message in Back To You

Selena Gomez Hugs Justin Bieber
Selena Gomez Hugs Justin Bieber

The separation of Selena Gomez is being harder than ever for Justin Bieber

After listening to Selena’s new song, Back To You , Justin is also sure that he talks about their relationship, and he can not help feeling super confused! He does not know what Sel really wants.

Back To You says: “Everybody knows we have outstanding issues / I want to hold you when I’m not supposed to / What was there I was not sure / But I would go back with you.

According to Hollywood Life , Justin has not stopped trying to decipher the message that Sel is trying to send him: “Selena’s new song has really spoiled Justin, he does not know what to think.” On the one hand, the song It is giving him hope because it shows how deep his feelings are for him, but at the same time, it is really confusing because he refuses to be with him and does not understand why it is a very confusing moment for him and this song only makes it harder.”

The reports say that Justin dies to have a serious relationship with Selena, but she is the one who refuses to be with him, but it seems he has not told him why, do you think? Do you think Sel is still in love with her? Justin but the fear stops her?


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