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The buttons could disappear from the Apple Watch of the future

Apple Watch Series 3 Series 2 Series
Apple Watch Series 3 Series 2 Series

The changes are always good and Apple seems to finally understand this after introducing us a couple of years ago a device that replaces its start button with a concept of Home Button that worked with a Taptic Engine and apparently this same technology will make way for the new Apple Watch.

All the series of Apple Watch to date have some buttons that allow us a faster and more practical navigation through the many functions and applications of this device but apparently these will disappear with the arrival of the Taptic Engine. To put it in a simpler way, the future generations of the Apple Watch will have a sensor that will allow people to just touch the edges or the screen of the device to get answers to their gestures and needs. Of course, there is not yet a date to start seeing these functions in smartwatches but it could be that they could arrive this autumn or the next.

In any case it is worth noting that this will be a great improvement from Apple in its smart watch that currently has no competition in the market for wearable devices. On the other hand this will also make reaching Apple in this area becomes increasingly difficult, if not impossible, more now that it has been confirmed that no Samsung Gear devices will arrive with Wear OS.


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