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Surgeries by Jenna Talackova (+ Before and After)

Jenna Talackova Surgeries
Jenna Talackova Surgeries

We start today’s article with what are Jenna Talackova’s surgeries? and the next question: Can a man become the most beautiful woman in the Universe?, the answer to this could be a resounding Yes and we would answer them Jenna Talackova. This 29-year-old young transsexual was a candidate for Miss Canada, and was soon to win and thus access the Miss Universe. This controversial woman underwent many surgical procedures, continuing to read us so that you know what are Jenna Talackova’s surgeries?.

Surgeries of Jenna Talackova:

Talackova at birth, was named “Walter”, but felt that he was in the wrong body, as he was growing less as he felt the same and is the 14 years when he makes the decision to start with hormone therapy begins this wonderful journey to become the woman she is today.

1Reassignment of Sex

Jenna Talackova surgery
Jenna Talackova surgery

At age 19, she underwent sex reassignment surgery to convert her male genitals into female and as she expressed very well the model was a painful change but with satisfactory results.

“It was terribly painful ,” Talackova said in the interview. “But seeing something in my body for so long and not being able to look at myself in the mirror, because I could not stand seeing the other part, (the sex change) was actually very rewarding.”


Jenna Talackova mammoplasty
Jenna Talackova mammoplasty

To complete her physical transformation, Talackova also received the breast implants.


Jenna Talackova throat
Jenna Talackova throat

Due to its prominent Adam’s apple he decides to reduce it and once and for all with any trait that could identify it with the male sex.

Her transformation was completed when she is legally a woman since she changed her driver’s license, passport and birth certificate to reflect her new identity. What do you think?.

She is currently recognized as a woman by the Canadian government, and lives a full life as a heterosexual woman, and even has a boyfriend. Did you like the change?.

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