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Selena Gomez gets sick every time she sees photos of Justin Bieber with other

His friends help him hide everything that is related to Justin.

Selena Gomez Blue Eyes
Selena Gomez Blue Eyes

Well, we knew it was going to be very complicated for Selena Gomez to overtake Justin Bieber so fast and although we’ve seen her super well, some of her friends confess that every time she sees pictures of Justin Bieber with other girls, she feels sick to her stomach.

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A source confessed to The Hollywood Life that Selena Gomez has not felt so good about Justin Bieber. Apparently, when she gets to see some picture of the Canadian singer with other women, she still hurts.

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It is clear that Sel, although he knows that he will not be back with him again, still feels things for Justin. Above all, she hates to think that Justin is smiling and having fun with other women. Given this, the source says that his friends have helped him very much in warning him that there are certain photos circulating about him and do everything possible to prevent him from seeing them.

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They have even avoided all the times that Selena wanted to have contact with Justin again. So thanks to his friends, he has been able to get out of this break. Even though it really sickens her to see those photos, she is still adamant about her decision not to return to him. Do you think that really happens?

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