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Samsung is not willing to pay Apple for patent infringement

iPad Pinch
iPad Pinch

The legal battle that lasted six years between Apple and Samsung for patent infringement came to an end leaving Samsung guilty and with the obligation to pay $ 539 million dollars which is a figure that Samsung is not willing to pay and the Case would be preparing for a second round.

Samsung has already studied how to convince the next judge to take the case between Apple and them in order to reduce the amount of money that has been set to pay for all damages caused by patent infringement. To start, Samsung states that it should only pay $ 28 million dollars since there are certain components within the icons in the panel that are directly applied to a software component and not hardware, so it should not be applied, besides there is Other aspects of design that do not apply to what was established by the judge for what should be discarded and these aspects reach $ 533.4 million dollars.

Of course, Apple will continue pushing to get as much money as possible to Samsung while the Korean company is rather trying to get a refund of the $ 145 million he had to pay in 2012 for the violation of a patent that was no longer valid. decisions of the US trademark and patent office, but obviously Apple does not want to accept this other motion either.


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