Home Entertainment Justin Bbieber Stalkea Instagram of Selena Gomez

Justin Bbieber Stalkea Instagram of Selena Gomez

Just to see if there's any hint for him!

Justin Bbieber Stalkea Instagram
Justin Bbieber Stalkea Instagram

As much as he wants, Justin Bieber can not let Selena Gomez go. Now that Sel is posting photos of the Back To You video, Justin has been stalking the latest photos of Sel to see if there is a key or phrase for him. Go, go…

As we know, everyone speculated if the song Back To You was for Justin Bieber or not. And, even though Selena Gomez said it was not for that Justin, we still believe that some phrases were aimed for the Canadian singer. Obviously he knew it and that’s why he has been checking his ex’s Instagram every now and then. Sure, there’s a lot of drama in Selena’s life.


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Sources close to Justin Bieber revealed to The Hollywood Life that the singer has not taken off from the Instagram of Selena Gomez. Every time she uploads a photo of the new Back To You video, he tries to decipher if any of the phrases are a hint to him.

A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

Apparently he still feels something very strong for Selena, she has already decided that she will definitely leave the subject of Justin Bieber. Obviously this has hurt him a lot and he still hopes to find signs that can give him hope that his love will return. Do you think I’ll come back? Do you really think that Sel has been posting hints for Justin?


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