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How to use a lubricant correctly

Lubricants guarantee and increase sexual pleasure. And, like most couples, you may also want to incorporate it into your intimate life. We bring you everything you need to know about how to use a lubricant correctly. Lubricant products help against the dryness of the vagina, serve to promote foreplay and for better anal sex.

Use Lubricant correctly
Use Lubricant correctly

They are easily available in pharmacies and stores specializing in sex toys. Its use is as common today as the use of condoms during sex.

As the name implies, the main function is to lubricate and this reduces friction during sexual activity. The fame, importance and benefits of lubricants have grown so much that they are already with flavors, heat effects and stimulants.

How to use a lubricant correctly

You probably already know that, depending on what you are going to do, the lubricants can be applied both at the entrance of the vagina or anus and on the condom or penis. But learn, step by step, how to use a lubricant correctly.

Place a small part of the gel in your hand or only on your fingers.

Spread all over the outer vaginal area allowing it to mix with your own natural lubricant.

You can ask your partner to put the lubricant on you and begin to interact with the preliminary games.

Do or allow yourself to be massaged in the genital area with the lubricant. This will generate an ideal relaxing and stimulating action to begin the sexual relationship.

If you are going to use it with sex toys, apply a little on the object and a little bit in the area where you will enjoy it.

Also, you can spread a little lubricant on the condom and make the contact with your partner more pleasant.
Prepare to enjoy the action.

Why use lubricants?

The main reason, for which lubricants are used, is vaginal dryness. Since it replaces the mechanism of natural lubrication and allows to find pleasant sensations at the time of penetration.

But, although the woman naturally lubricates when excited, using lubricant makes vaginal penetration more pleasurable, decreasing friction and friction.

Also, it is used in cases where the penis of the couple is large or the vagina is very narrow. It is a successful tool to prevent postcoital pain.

Also, the gel is an indispensable ally for the penetration from behind. Although the anus can be excited and dilated, it has no lubricating function. This is because it is not an anatomically prepared area to enter anything.

Its use is recommended with sex toys. The lubricant provides a smoother contact and avoids the irritation caused by prolonged use.

In other cases, it is ideal to apply to the man so that, in the absence of pre-seminal fluid, he does not hurt himself by rubbing against the woman’s body.

Adding a little of this gel also allows for much more enjoyable rogue games. And, unlike saliva, it does not evaporate, nor does it leave the skin sticky, besides giving a much more erotic smell and being hypoallergenic.

Useful tips to take into account

For a more optimized use of lubricants it is important to take into account the following key data:

There are lubricants that are cooled or heated with friction. So they are good to increase fun and “warm up”.

The lubricant should be stored in a cool, safe and dry place. As well as reviewing the expiration date before using it.
Do not forget to examine the ingredients of the lubricants to prevent the appearance of allergies or irritations.

Never use a lubricant that is not compatible with latex, if you use a condom of that material.

Those with higher viscosity are recommended for anal sex, sex toys and underwater sex.

Those of low viscosity are suitable for vaginal penetration or oral sex.

The container should always be closed well after use, not exposed to the sun or excessive heat, otherwise it will be damaged.

With the knowledge of how to use a lubricant correctly, you can use it how and where you want. Add more passion and fun in your intimate moments. These will make you never want to end your sexual encounters. Do you dare to try them?

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