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Does Blake Lively leave Instagram?

Talking about Blake Lively is also from his partner actor Ryan Reynolds, both protagonists of 'Deadpool' and 'Blue Hell', and that they started their romance in 2011, when they both coincided in the filming of 'Green Lantern', and since then They have been inseparable while they have always been in the background before the media, especially after the birth of the two children they have in common. Now the actress surprises us by removing all the content of her Instagram account.

Blake Lively leaves Instagram?
Blake Lively leaves Instagram?

Recently we saw Blake Lively showing off a spectacular figure after giving birth to her second child, and after spending more than a year and Blake has lost the more than 25 kilos that she gained in her pregnancy, and she shared it with her fans through her Instagram account, where we saw her looking spectacular. Now all that content has disappeared.

In this case and to the surprise of his more than 20 million followers on Instagram, Blake Lively has removed absolutely all the content of his account, leaving only the message of What happened to Emily?, Which made the alarms jump.

But calm, it’s all a play to promote his next film ‘A Simple Favour’, which describes what happened in the disappearance of a woman. The scare however, many of his fans have taken him.


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