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Do you like trios? 4 tips to build one

It's about trying new sensations, not mixing feelings. You masturbate in bed. You caress your clitoris but at the same time you introduce a finger into the vagina. You would like someone else to penetrate you anally. Has it happened to you? You're ready for a threesome.

It's okay to have sex
It’s okay to have sex

Applies the same for men who feel that their hands are not enough or with boring morning masturbation. But the waiting time is over because it is time to unleash your fantasies. For this we leave here seven tips that will help you plan the ideal trio. You’re welcome.

1. Give your partner a lot of attention so he never thinks he is less desired than the third member in bed.

2. It is about trying new sensations and experiences, not mixing feelings that could end the relationship.

3. It must be agreed upon. All three have to agree and have a 100 percent provision. By the way, be sure to clean the sex toys before using them.

4. Of course and without exception, in all encounters there should be condoms because the third person is not part of the nucleus of trust that exists between you.

Before starting, it is necessary to know the minimum details of the third as their sexual habits and for nothing to integrate a friend or jealousy could be routed before fulfilling the erotic dream.


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