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Apple is no longer so sure of its success with the iPhone models of 2018

iPhone X Back Held
iPhone X Back Held

Sales of the iPhone X have not been what Apple expected at the time of launching the device that marks the tenth anniversary of the company and this also comes consequences that can directly affect the number of devices that would be put into manufacturing plans.

As we all know Apple’s iPhone X has come to be a breath of fresh air for those accusing the US company only of copying designs and leaving the innovation in the drawer. Of course, the price of $ 999 was not something that moved all possible customers but at least we know that its slot at the top of the screen has been one of the most sticky trends for the rest of the Android companies. In any case it worries that the sales of these devices have not managed to sell everything that was expected, and even more so when the model that is currently selling the most is the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

This could indicate that the 2018 at the end will not have the success that Apple wants if they arrive with skyrocketing prices and that they will have to limit the production of their devices since initially a combined 100 million is given between the units of the X, 8 and 8 Plus for an initial release and this has been reduced to 80 million devices for the models that may arrive this year.


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