Home Technology Android Oreo updates finally came to Verizon and its Galaxy S7

Android Oreo updates finally came to Verizon and its Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7 Edge review
Galaxy S7 Edge review

Verizon customers may have grown tired of having to read these types of entries but after several attempts to get the newest version of Android to Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices but apparently this would be the last and definitive.

This is the third time that the process of updating the Samsung Galaxy S7 and s7 Edge devices on the Verizon network to Android Oreo resumes, and is expected to be the final. Several attempts have been made to make these devices succeed in making the leap to the latest version that is officially present in the market and more taking into account that it is probably the last important update they will receive. In any case, the automatic updates are being sent once again since all the stability problems that caused the devices to restart constantly have been solved.

Already with this Verizon joins AT & T that have been the only two networks in being able to say that they have already complied with their customers who still have a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge models and it is only T-Mobile and Sprint waiting to be able to announce again the arrival of Android Oreo to these devices.


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