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7 science fiction series that you have to see

A genre that is directly linked to us is that of science fiction and with the recent boom in streaming services the series offer grew considerably. We present 10 that if you have not seen we do not know what you are waiting for.

Science Fiction movies Series
Science Fiction movies Series

Let’s face it, science fiction is our thing. It is a genre directly linked to our technological soul and our Geek DNA. Exactly for all the technological advances of the cone is that the genre has gained great power and in fact of the 10 highest grossing films in history, at least 6 are just from this cinematographic side.

The boom of the streaming platforms has not missed this mine of fans unnoticed and has worked hard to offer more and better exclusive series of science fiction, fortunately our compadres of Chilango made a top ten of the 10 that you can not miss so that you are updating:


Available at: HBO, HBO GO

The amusement park with thousands of hyperrealistic robots was so successful that it already premiered its second season on April 22. For many, his analysis of the human condition in extreme moments is what has been the key to his success. With very dark characters, Westworld is exclusive to HBO and is already one of the favorites of millions of fans.



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