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4 tips for having sex in the car

Having sex in the car is very exciting, however, you must take certain precautions to not ruin the fun.

sex in the car
Having sex in the car is a lot of fun but sometimes a bit uncomfortable.

There are many people who fantasize about having sex inside or on the car, however, what promises to be a great experience can end in a nightmare if some precautions are not taken.

1Conditioning of the vehicle

Conditioning of the vehicle

The sex in addition to being pleasant includes the release of a large amount of energy, and the temperature rises, so turn on the air conditioning in advance. If you have leather seats, bring a blanket of lightweight material or a towel, to prevent the skin from getting damaged by friction.

2No to the costumes of Adam and Eve

No to the costumes of Adam and Eve

It is a mistake to take off all the clothes when you have sex in the car, because in case you are approached by a curious person or a policeman, it will be very difficult to get dressed quickly. It is much easier if the woman wears a loose dress. In the case of men, trousers that do not require a belt or zipper, a diver type.

3What you can and can not do

What you can and can not do

This point has to do with the space inside the car and the type of seat it has, reclining or not. For greater comfort during sex , use the seats below. However, if done in the front, which is in the passenger seat, so that the steering wheel is not a hindrance, recline the seat as much as possible.

4For occasional exhibitionists

For occasional exhibitionists

If the idea is to use the car as a support to have outdoor sex , try to do it in a wasteland, dark and lonely. Turning off the car lights and always in the night.


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